AUGUST 21 -26


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Table setting/decorating

Table setting classes

Flower Contest

Down on the Farm Chore Course

Coloring contest

Cattle Sorting

Parade Entry Form

Division A > Horses

Division B > Cattle

Division C > Sheep & Goats

Division D > Swine

Divison E1 > Chickens

Division E2 > Ducks

Division E3 > Geese

Division E4 > Turkeys

Division E5 > Rabbits

Division F > Flowers

Division G > Grain & Hay

Division H > Land Products

Division J > Kitchen Products

Division K > Clothing & Needlecraft

Division L >  Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

Division M > Photography

Division N > Kid's Corner

Just click on the section of info below or the Division for all of the details (2018 updates will be here soon)